Discoveries of spectacular ancient Maya ruins are regular news items, but rarely do the living Maya feature in the international headlines. The past year or so has been an exception because some people believe that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of our world on 21st December 2012.

Hollywood promotes a violent and catastrophic image of the Maya through films such as Mel Gibson’s controversial “Apocalipto” and Rolland Emmerich’s fin de cicle disaster epic “2012” which makes clear reference to Mayanism and the Maya Long Count calendar.

This project has developed, in part, as a reaction against the hype created by the fiction and fantasy of the film world and of the tabloid news. Our way of reacting is by showing our research, by making it accessible to the public through art and by raising awareness for the actual living conditions of the Maya. 

Other people find different ways of doing this…and many of them are funny. This page shows how others relate to the “end of the world” prophecy. Intelligence and humour, hand-in-hand, debunking myths, moving science forward…with a giggle!

“It’s not the end of the world”(Charlie McDonnell)

There is a link to a bonus feature from NASA, in case Charlie is not absolutely clear.



Mayan calendar “End date” seen in ancient texts…but they do not predict the end of the world – Huffington Post debunking myths




The Scientific American also joined forces with the Huffington Post in publishing very sensible texts about the “End of the World” prophecy!


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