Museum of the Americas

Madrid, Spain

4 – 22 March 2014


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This exhibition opened on the 4th March 2014 at the Museum of the Americas in Madrid, Spain. This was our first exhibition in a top museum which is affiliated to the Smithsonian Institution in the USA. It was partly financed by Santander Universities and by private philanthropy donated through the charity spin-off of the Maya Project. It was co-sponsored by the Spanish Society of Human Ecology (AEEH), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport, and the Mexican Embassy in Madrid. This exhibition was opened by the Director of the Museum of the Americas, the cultural attaché of the Mexican Embassy and the Coordinator of the Biology Department of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Over the 3 weeks of the exhibition 6 conferences were linked to it and provided 3 ECTS credits to HE students who registered and attended them. We had 60 students.

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