The Maya Project translates research scholarship into public engagement and international impact. The Maya Project is a platform for interdisciplinary action-research which itself leads to further enterprise activities, especially social and cultural enterprise at international level. The hub for publications and media outcomes is the website of the project ( Through this website we disseminate the results of our research via artwork and responsive public engagement. The website also acts as a repository of the most relevant publications about the Maya, making it one of the major online resources for research and scholarship.

So far, we have presented 5 multimedia exhibitions with accompanying conferences and symposia, between October 2012 and the present day, in 4 countries. These exhibitions are carefully designed for multilevel accessibility, from primary school children to, to political and social leaders, to specialized researchers and scholars.


Loughborough, UK | 22-29 October 2012

Lisbon, Portugal | 29 November – 12 December 2012

Évora, Portugal | 27 May – 3 June 2013

Merida, Mexico | 9 – 17 July 2013

Madrid, Spain | 4 – 22 March 2014


In all exhibitions we had extensive media coverage including but not limited to BBC Radio Leicester and other regional stations, national newspapers and broadcasts in all countries, including the Spanish National Radio for the Museum of the Americas, which broadcasts worldwide. Further details including media outputs, general and local sponsors and benefactors are listed on other pages of this website.

We have about 80 pieces of original photographic art and artefacts. The multi-layered design of the exhibitions enables access to different levels of information and caters for different ages and levels of interest on the topics.

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